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Ambassador Dr. F. J. Guevara 

Senior Pastor & Co-Founder





P.O. Box 59249 Westwood Mall

Mississauga ON L4T 4J1

About Me

Ambassador Dr. Francis Joseph Guevara is the CEO of the Agents of Rescue Ministries, in the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is an international Chaplin with a doctorate in Biblical knowledge, a UN Peace Ambassador, an Author, and an Agent for the kingdom of God.


Dr. Guevara is a deeper life preacher, a passionate and caring servant, a bold, brave, blunt pastor who proclaims Bible truth and sets people free. As a native of Trinidad and Tobago, now residing in Canada, he has traveled overseas to many different nations for his outreach missions.



He is a man of God, called by God to the ministry of The Kingdom of God. He wears many hats; servant, Pastor, teacher, mentor, writer, devil chaser, intercessor to name a few, anointed by God for this time.



Dr. Guevara comes from a very large family, rooted deeply in God. Two of his brothers, Mark and Victor, are preachers and men of God who reside in the United States. As well, his daughter, Shamile, is a second-generation Minister of God, his son, Joel, is an aspiring singer and his grand-daughter, Majestic, is a very talented child in her own right.



Dr. Guevara is not only a servant of God but a precious gift to the body of Christ because of his many talents and gifting.

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