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Agents of Rescue
Street Mission

Agents of Rescue Ministries has been running its Street Mission Program for more than 8 years. It is our goal to impact as many lives as possible. Unless you have walked in their shoes it is really hard to completely understand their plight.


The vision that the Agents of Rescue has regarding the mission program is to rescue the hungry, the hurting, the heartbroken, the hopeless, the helpless, and the homeless. A lot of the individuals that are on the streets were once viable contributing citizens to our cities. Some making bad decision, some falling on hard times and others suffering some sort of tragedy, that's who make up the people of the streets. Unfortunately, most of those peoples outcomes lead to a life of drugs and prostitution, male and female. It is not for us to judge but to have enough compassion in our hearts to help where we can. If you really think about it we all walk a very thin line that we could cross at anytime. The people that are on the streets are SOMEONE'S children.


Please help us to change someone's life. Everyone deserves a second and even third chance. Along with feeding and clothing our street family, we also require some bigger items that will aid in our fight against their plight. We accept any and all donations towards our mission, money, food, clothing etc. Listed below are some of the bigger items that we are looking for. If you feel so inclined to help to make a difference in someones life you can click the donate button below and send us a monetary donation or contact us at and speak to our administrative officer and she will help you through our process of giving.

We want to thank everyone who has taken their time to consider how they can make a difference in someones life. We could not do this without you. ALL proceeds go to our mission. We do not keep anything for ourselves, for the bible says, “it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35) and “whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me”. (Matthew 25:40)



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